Spotify now gives you the option to “hide” certain playlists from having an effect on your recommendations

Spotify now gives you the option to "hide" certain playlists from having an effect on your recommendations

At long last, a much-requested addition is coming to Spotify. The “Exclude from your Taste Profile” feature will allow you to prevent certain playlists from having a significant impact on your individualised recommendations, and it will be available on the streaming service as of today.

To clarify, your taste profile is Spotify’s analysis of your musical preferences based on your listening habits, and it’s what the service uses to tailor its recommendations to you. The new option provides a more customised Spotify experience by letting you specify which playlists should have less of an effect on your recommendations.

Many people, for example, have a different playlist for working out, sleeping, and parenting. White noise may predominate in your Discover Weekly and other personalised playlists if you regularly use it as sleep aid. As a parent, you probably find that your children’s songs keep showing up on your own curated playlists. It’s frustrating to have this material show up in your Blend or Release Radar playlists when it doesn’t fit with your typical listening preferences.

Spotify has realised how frustrating this is and has developed a solution. Users on the web, desktop, iOS, and Android can now exclude items from their Taste Profile. To use the new feature, choose a playlist, tap the three dots near the top of the playlist, and then select “Exclude from your Taste Profile.” Activating this function will prevent the streaming service from including any future or past listening to the playlist in your user profile. If your mind changes, you can simply reverse your previous steps to disable the function.

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If you remove a playlist from your personal taste profile, you can still access it from the Home page. Spotify also assures users that their “liked” tracks will remain unchanged. Therefore, while you will still have access to your Pop 4 Kids playlist, it will not be featured prominently in your curated playlists.

It’s not clear if this function will also prevent playlists from being included in Spotify Wrapped during the course of the year. TechCrunch has contacted Spotify to ask for comment.

“We’re constantly working to find new ways to further improve the personalization experience by introducing ways to connect listeners, artists, and creators in a unique and enriching way,” Spotify wrote in a blog post. Since Spotify’s personalised playlists are a major selling point and a key reason for the company’s continued market leadership, it’s not surprising that the company is looking to improve the personalised playlist experience on its service.

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